The Artifact Project


          I started The ARTIFACT PROJECT in February of1986. My intent was to create a conceptual work of art that
          consisted of creating a series of cobalt glazed ceramic spheres and then placing them in different places around
          the world and in doing so, these objects, their locations around the world, identifying numbers and the people who
          participated would all have common connections to each other. 
          The spheres are made of a high fired ceramic clay by using a pottery wheel, or pressing them into two halves of a
          spherical mold and before the wet clay is  closed or sealed together, I stamp a specific number into the interior clay wall 
          and then add a small
sculpture of a cow with a gold metallic glaze to the bottom center of the sphere. Stamping the
          artifact number into the clay causes it to show up if it is x-rayed.  I have had several of them x-rayed.

          Because the installations is an on-going process, there is a dimension of time and an evolving history with this project.
          My notion is that  some of these artifacts will be found in the future and a numbering system for each one would
          reveal a bit of information about it’s original installation.

          Since the beginning of this project, I have done many of the installations myself.  I have chosen sites that were special
          or me for several different reasons.  Some were chosen because they connected places that I have lived or visited.
          Other locations were chosen because of their beauty, energy or solitude. For me, this project is about connecting     
          places around the world and I enjoying the idea of their differences and similarities.  As family, friends and acquaintances
          participated in subsequent installations, the project took on additional layers of meaning.

          The criteria I require from someone who participates in the placement of an artifact is that they document the
          location, date, a bit of information about why they choose the installation site, persons involved, and most important
          some photos of the event.  I  make two ceramic spheres at a time with the same identification number with the
          addition of an " a" or "b" at the end of the number in each one. Therefore the person can keep one of the orbs and
          place the other one somewhere. In this manner, the one that they keep has the connection to the one that they
          installed and in turn all of the other artifacts around the world.


          2016 marks the 30th anniversary of The Artifact Project


          Below is a list of the artifact installations, identification numbers, dates, locations and people who have 
          participated in this project. By clicking on the highlighted links it is possible to view photos and additional 
information.Names and Locations marked with an (*) have additional links listed below the main list.
          The list is from the most recent to the first installation in 1986.


Artifact Number Date of
Location People involved with installation
GC3-07/2012.A Tuesday
January 12,
  Linda Allyn, Pam Morrow,
Dwight Davidson
GC6-12/2012/A Saturday,
June 8, 2013
Marc Heft
  2013   T, Kim, & Ruess Rolloff
      Bill Widdison
Robert Trainor
GC03-07.2010     Karen Stewart
GC5:08.21.03B November
13, 2011
  David Sorg, Patti Sorg, Bart Haszelbart
Carl Hoehn, Dwight Davidson

More information on this installation
      Carl Clark
Mark Groshek
CG03-07.2010A Sept.5, 2010 Adobe Canyon, Aguilar, CO USA Bill Widdison, Robert Trainor, John Kidd, Dwight Davidson
GC6 09 14.09A April 9,2010
Dwight Davidson
GC7 09 14.09A April 8, 2010
Dwight Davidson
GC5 09 14.09A March 31, 2010
Court Park
Memphis, Tennessee
Dwight Davidson
GC4 09 14.09A March 31, 2010
Riverfront Park
Little Rock, Arkansas
Dwight Davidson
GC3 09.14.09A September 2009

Blue Mountain, Bitterroot Range, Missoula, Montana USA

Erika, Jessika, and Joe Boddy
GC1 06.05.09A August 5, 2009 Sharon and Judd Detrick
GC2 06-05-09A August 21, 2009 The Orient Mine - Orient Land Trust*
Villa Grove, Colorado USA


John Kidd  Dwight Davidson
GCS08.21.03A June 17,
Yeatmans Cove Park, Cincinnati, Ohio USA Dwight Davidson
GC6-11.30.04A July 16, 2005 Mayo River,  Port of Tahuishca, Barrio de Zaragoza, Peru Reneta and Alaina Stegehuis
GC- January 12,
Kandaria Mahadev Temple, Khajuraho,India Gordon Barnett*, Stephen Silha
GC4-09.02.03 December 17, 2004 Isla Grande De Chiloe,Chili Anne Trégloze*, Gilles Deloustal
GC3-09.02.04 September 13, 2004 Crickley Hill, England*

Dick and Barb Kloehn
Jim and Sandy Miller
GC2-07.21.04A July 2004 Fortaleza Ozama, Dominican Republic* Charles Doersch
GC3.08.18.03A July 2004  Monte Alban, Oaxaca, Mexico
Cynthia Holdeman
 Lou Petterchak
GC7.08.20.03B February
17, 2004
Brietenbush, Oregon

Missy,  Jicima, Belle, Witt,  Aster,  BBha
GC8.11.20.03B February
  Marie Nicole Totmiantz
GC10-11-20.30 January
French Embassy, Cairo   EGYPT

Fany Silberstein Garrigues
GC9-11.20.03A December 28
Lise Tregloze and Anne Tregloze*
GC5:08.21.03A October
  Dr. Carl Clark
GC09.11.2002.1A July 8,
GCI01.23.03.1A February
  Sidonie LENONE
GC0911.2002.2A December
Israel (more information needed) Yael BRAVERMAN
GC09.11.2002.3A 12/7/2002 Isère 38   Rhone-Alps, France Charles Gadaud-Rotrou,  Catherine Gadaud, John Rotrou, Gilles Deloustal, Anne Trégloze, Dwight Davidson
GC03052001A92A 07/11/01 Anne Trégloze*, Gilles Deloustal
GCO3052001A93A 2001  Pleucadeuc, FRANCE Arlene Kunz*
GC03052110A 91A June 2001 XI'AN, China Dr. Carl Clark
GC12.9.98.83A 12/30/00   Piper Stremmel, Turkey Stremmel*, Pete Stremmel*. Others on Board: Sondra Van Wyk,  Sherwin Scott, Richard Berger, Shelby Snider, Paul Snider
Greg Nelson, Dave Jolin
Jose Frescoso
GC.6.6.2000 90A 2000 (Awaiting information) FRANCE Martine Pierre
GC6.6.2000.89A 2000   Laurence ACHARD avec Marie
GC200087A May 2000 In an active volcano named Leo  Réunion Sidonie LENON and her son Leo
GC200088A 04/09/00 Zarzis, TUNISIE Noémie DEMAL, Caroline MILLIOTTE, Aurélie GUTHMANN, Anne-Laure MERY
GC200086A 04/16/00   Near Cea, SPAIN Monique SAUTERON, Michel TREGLOZE
GC200086A 04/10/00 Uyune, BOLIVIA Gilles DELOUSTAL,Serge DELOUSTAL, Lawrence Lafittau, Caramba,  the cat.
GC7.14.99.83 09/2299 Peoria, Illinois USA Terrence Young, Dwight Davidson
GC12.9.98.84A 01/07/99 Papua, NEW GUINEA Sean McCollum, Charles Doersch
GC12.9.98.84B 01/19/99 Noosa National Park, AUSTRALIA


Tyler Alpern
GC.5.30.98.A.82 July 98 Old Saybrook, CT USA Kirk Davidson, Robert Geroge
GC5..9.98.A.81 05/23/98 Venice, ITALY Tyler Alpern*, Lynnie Coulter
GP80-2.25.98 Feb. 98 Private Collection in France awaiting installation. Jean-Claude Dreyfus
GC-79-12.97B 02/21/98 Tiergarten Park at Sieges Saulle Tur Berlin GERMANY


James G. Dugger,
Michael Dick


GC17-12-97 01/18/98 Hawk Bay, Mira Vista, NEW ZEALAND Rich Lamm, Dr. Clark, Dr. Luft
GC68-7.30.97 Aug. 97 Volcon Chimborazo, Chimborazo Equateur, South America Serge Guenneau, Karine Courroux, Stephanie Nicolas, Philippe Nicolas
GC5.26.97-3 Sept. 97 Machu Picchu, Peru, SOUTH AMERICA Sharon Detrick, Kristen Detrick Winfield
GC69-8497 09/11/97 Bois De Boulogne, Paris   France John Kidd, Olivier Galea,  Jean-Daniel Hoarau, Sidonie Linon, Dwight Davidson
GC67-23.7.97 08/20/97 Ubud Bali INDONESIE Martine Demal,  Sami Demal
GC66-23.7.97 08/12/97 Xieng Khouang LAOS Olivier Galea
GC-55-27-4 07/20/97 Jeddah SAOUDE ARABIA Jean-Daniael Hoarau, Francois Granel, Michel Quint
GC-2-62297 July 1997 Piegon Valley Cappadocia Uchisar TURKEY


Anne Tregloze*, Berengere Quincy
GCI-06-1995-A 08/13/95 Square Felix-Desruelies Paris FRANCE Dwight Davidson
GCI-07-1995-A 08/12/95 Square Rene-Viviani Paris FRANCE Dwight Davidson
GCI-05-1995-A 07/18/95 Pont Neuf Bridge Paris FRANCE Dwight Davidson
GCI-01-1995-A 07/14/95 Perros-Guirrec Pluomanach, Bretagne FRANCE David Neveu, Serge Guenneau, Karine Autran, Alain David, Dwight Davidson
GCI-04-1995-A 07/14/95 Pledran, Bretagne FRANCE David Neveu, Dwight Davidson
T-4 05/05/94 Caen, Normandy FRANCE Dwight Davidson
T-3 05/03/94 Jardin Des Plantes Paris FRANCE Dwight Davidson
T-1 04/28/94 Vallauris, FRANCE Dwight Davidson
GCI04-7 05/13/91 Jardin Des Plantes Paris FRANCE Mark Shullenberger, Dwight Davidson
GCI04-5 05/09/91 La Grande Arche La Defense Paris FRANCE Dwight Davidson
GCI-04-4 05/08/91 La Vilette Paris FRANCE Dwight Davidson
GCI-04-6  04/23/91 Tour Eiffel Paris FRANCE Alex Janos Family, Dwight Davidson
GCI-04-3 04/23/91 Les Halles Paris FRANCE Dwight Davidson
 GCI-04-2 04/20/91 Palais Du Louvre, Paris FRANCE Dwight Davidson
GCI-04-1 04/17/91 Jardin Du Luxembourg, Paris FRANCE Dwight Davidson
GCIT-071889-2 09/02/89 Cow Heaven Marfa, Texas USA Terry Dodd
GCP-1A 11/11/89 Palm Springs, California USA Dwight Davidson
GCIT 07189-1 Sept. 89 Gayhead in Martha’s Vinyard Massachusetts USA Rene Einspahr
GCIB 08/05/89 Jackson Hole, Wyoming USA Dwight Davidson
GCUTB-0719-15 1989 Awaiting information Rulon Hacking
GCYTB-071889-7 1989  Deer Flat Road   Kuna, Idaho Bert Hiner
GC204881A 1989 Peter   intended to put the artifact in Vancouver, WA but died before doing so. I plan to plant it on his grave as a memorial to him. Peter Davidson
GCIB 1989 San Sano, ITALY Susan Elliot
GC053089 Aug. 89 Island of Sulawesi Torajo Region Christina Cooper
GC052689-1 1990 Awaiting information Jan Puget
GC52889-1 1990 Occidental, California USA   Gordon Barnett*
GC41889-2A 1990 Awaiting information Dale Ralph
GC41889-1 May 89 Crete, GREECE   Dale Ralph
GC051189-1 1989    Kirk Davidson
GC051189-2 07/22/89   Clark Murray
GC06189-1  07/04/89   Carl Clark,  Dwight Davidson
GC052589-3 06/30/89   Dwight Davidson
GC051189-A 05/16/89   Dwight Davidson
GC052589-1 06/03/89 Tulsa, Oklahoma USA Carl Clark
GC051189-3 05/14/89   Lou Harper, Dwight Davidson
GC051189-4  05/30/89 Island of Palms, Charleston, South Carolina USA Sharon Detrick, Kristen Detrick Winfield
GCI-04588a  09/21/88 Metropolitan Museum of Art,   New York City, NY USA Dwight Davidson
GC14888-A  04/21/88 Main Plaza Santa Fe, New Mexico USA Dwight Davidson
GC1040988-A 04/13/87 Borobudur Temple Northwest of Jogyakarta Central Java, INDONESIA*   Bob and Ann Cooper Christina Cooper
GCI31588-A 04/11/87 City Park Gavea Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL Margaret Slone Snyder, Carmin Dora Guimaraes
GC07887-A 07/15/87 La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, California USA Jeff Shiffer,  Bob Awalt
GC32187  May 87   Dwight Davidson
GC32187-1   03/27/87   Dwight Davidson
GC32187-2 03/26/87   Gordon Barnett*,  Dwight Davidson
GC113861 March 87 Russell Square London, ENGLAND Duane Onodera
GC111486-1 02/20/87 Ye’Liu, TAIWAN Jennifer Meyer, Eric Coleman
GC110686-1  Sept. 86 Meteor Crater, Arizona USA Bill Widdison
GC110686-2 Sept. 86   Makahiku Falls Maui, Hawaii USA David Wasserburger
GC102366-1 10/31/86 Hilton Head Island, South Carolina USA Betty Nelson  Jim Nelson
GC71886-2 08/23/86   Dwight Davidson
GC71886-4 08/14/86   Jim Smalley,  Dwight Davidson
GC7818071886-5 08/11/86 Glenwood Springs, Colorado USA Jim Smalley, Terry Rollof,  Dwight Davidson  
GC71886-1 08/11/86 Shore of Lake Erie Genevia-on-the-Lake, Ohio USA Bill McQuade
GC7286-1 07/05/86 Davidson’s Farm Egin, Idaho USA Kirk Davidson   Dwight Davidson
GC7186-1 08/12/86 Ischia Ponto Isola d’Ischia, ITALY Janet Austin
BCG62186-1 06/22/86 Telluride, Colorado USA Randy McMillian,  Dwight Davidson
GC61986-1 1986 San Jose, COSTA RICA  Sandra Nichols,  Ken Nichols
GC61686-1  06/19/86 Katariinan Laakso Turku, FINLAND Paul Murray,   Liisa Lahteenmaki
GC6158-1 06/15/86 Mount Olympus, GREECE   Cynthia Holdeman
GC22864 05/25/86 Grand Lake, Colorado USA S.M. Haszelbart,  Carl Hoehn,  Bill Mc Quade, Bill Widdison,  Randy Hertzel,  Dwight Davidson
GC2286-7   04/23/86   Janet Austin,  Dwight Davidson
GC1381 03/15/86
Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC
Sara Watterson
GC2286-1  03/13/86   Rachel Pattillo,  Nathan Pattillo, Kirk Davidson, Dwight Davidson
GC22862 03/09/86   Ann Louise Pattillo, Dwight Davidson
GC22863 03/08/86   Kirk Davidson, Dwight Davidson
GC2286 03/14/86 Phoenix, Arizona USA    Lynne Watterson
No Number  02/26/86   Playa Del Carmen, MEXICO


Duane Onodera


No Number 04/07/86 Palmerston North, NEW ZEALAND


Robert John Watterson


No Number 02/26/86 Pacific Ocean Acapulco, MEXICO Lynne Watterson and Sara Watterson
No Number
First Artifact
02/07/86 Pont Neuf Bridge, Paris, FRANCE  Bill Widdison and Mike Ketterman*


      Additional links of people and locations listed in the list above and marked with an (*)

              Anne Trégloze
              Fortaleza Ozama, Dominican Republic
              Gordon Barnett
              David Gerstein
              Mike Ketterman
              Arlene Kunz
              Stremmel Gallery
 Tyler Alpern

              Borobudur Temple Northwest of Jogyakarta Central Java, INDONESIA
              Orient Land Trust
                  The Old Beech Trees of Crickley Hill



            All images and text copyright Dwight Davidson 2017